Nilfisk Alto Scrubtec 343 B Combi

by Nilfisk
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      Nilfisk Alto Scrubtec 343 B Combi - Compact battery powered scrubber dryer - 430mm cleaning width - 129.5kg with batteries - 31 litre tanks - Ideal for all round cleaning tasks on different flooring - Easy to use and transport - High brush pressure
    • Compact battery powered scrubber dryer suitable for different floor surfaces
    • Easy to transport and very user friendly - High brush pressure and large tanks
    • Cleaning width: 430mm - Squeegee width: 700mm - 31 Litre Tanks
    • Theoretical performance rate 1720 square meters per hour


    Highly mobile compact scrubber / dryer that can be used on any hard surface. 24V battery system with onboard charger means the machine can go anywhere without trailing cables. Large 29Ltr capacity solution and recovery tanks, maintenance-free batteries and onboard charger. 24V Battery System430mm Scrubbing Width1720m²/hr Cleaning'No Tool' Brush System for Effortless AttachmentProduct contents: Scrubber Dryer with batteries, onboard charger, scrubbing brush and break-away squeegee.Specifications: 24V. Maintenance-free batteries. Onboard charger. 430mm scrubbing width. 300W vacuum motor. Brush speed 160rpm. L x W x H: 1020 x 570 x 860mm. Weight 126.5kg (inc. batteries). Walk Behind 430mm Battery and Mains Powered Scrubber Dryers Nilfisk-ALTO SCRUBTEC 343 is extremely compact and ideal for all-round cleaning of all different kinds of floors with 5 different brushes and 5 different pads. It is compact, easy to transport and very user friendly. The SCRUBTEC 343 offers a high brush pressure and large tank capacity. Typical applications can be found in hospitals & health care facilities, supermarkets & shops, garage and car facilities, shcools, restaurants & cafeterias, administration and state buildings, food industry, industry etc. Specifications Scrubtec 343 B Combi POWER SOURCE BATTERY 24V TRACTION MOTOR TYPE - BRUSH ASSIST WORKING SPEED (KM/H) 4 BRUSH MOTOR (KW) 0,52 VACUUM MOTOR POWER (W) 300 PRODUCTIVITY RATE THEORETICAL/ ACTUAL (M²/H) 1720/1035 CLEANING WIDTH (MM) 430 TANK CAPACITY, SOLUTION/RECOVERY (L) 31 / 31 SQUEEGEE WIDTH (MM) 700 BRUSH PRESSURE (KG) 38 BRUSH SPEED (RPM) 160 BRUSH SIZE (MM) 430 DIMENSIONS LXWXH (MM) 1020x570x860

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