Dyson HP02 Pure Hot + Cool Link Purifier

by Dyson
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The all new Dyson HP02 Pure Hot and Cold

This item is cleverly designed for even room heating, air purification and personal cooling. This is the all in one fan that can be used throughout the summer and the winter!

The Dyson HP02 is designed to be as energy efficient as possible with a built in thermostat that will automatically cut off when the room is at the desired temp and turn back on when the room changes saving on unnecessary energy waste.

The fan is blade less and has a built in app, along with its sleek design will ensure it fits in in anyone's home. 

  • Speeds up to 2100rpm
  • Remote control - full control from anywhere in your room
  • One touch oscillation control
  • Pivots on its own center of gravity, staying put without clamping
  • Bladeless - no fast-spinning blades or visible heating elements
  • Minimal design makes it super easy to clean

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