Hoover Junior & Senior Vacuum Cleaner Bags - Pack of 5

by Radvac

Vacuum Cleaner Bags for:

Nilfisk: G70, GA70 (Open ended bag)
HL:3755, 3760 to 3762, 3799, 3793, Professionnel 20/30/50
Hoover: Junior & Senior range
U4008, U4014, U4034, U4046, U4058, U4122, U4124, UA200, U638, U652, U6520, U6525, U101, U104, U105, U1014, U1018, U4126, U6252, U1038, U1042, U1072, U1184, U1334, U1338, U1346, U1347, 1334, 1338, 1346, 1346A, 1354, 2190, 3200, 3210, 3220, 652, 652A, 652C, 652E, U1012, U1016, U1034, U1036, U1040, U1046, U1070, U1096, U1104, U1108, U1118, U1120, U1206, U1284, U133, U1354, U1358, U4002, U4003, 
RADVAC: RDV37600, RDV3793 

Genuine Code: H1

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