Karcher Wet & Dry cartridge filter (Equivalent to 64145520) Fits Models A2004, VC6100, A2504 and many more

by Radvac

Cartridge filter to fit Karcher wet and dry machines

Equivalent to: 64145520 

Fits Models: 1000, A1000, A1001, 2101, A2101, 2101TE, A2131pt, 2111, A2111,
2301, 2105, 4000plus, 4000TE, 2201F, A2201, A2231pt, A2251Me, 
2901F, A2901, A2004, A2054Me, A2024pt, A2204, A2234pt, A2254Me, 
A2504, A2534pt, A2554Me, NT27/1, VC6100, VC6200, VC6300

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