Nilfisk Scrubtec SC100E UK Scrubber Dryer

by Nilfisk Alto
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Nilfisk Alto Scrubtec SC100E UK  Upright Scrubber Dryer ideal for Local shops and Convenience stores!
The Scrubtec SC100E UK is designed to quickly and easily scrub and dry most types of floor surfaces.
Its compact size makes it particularly useful for cleaning safety floors in changing rooms and kitchens but will also tackle larger areas  like fast food outlets, car showrooms, convenience stores, hospital wards etc.
The solution and recovery tanks lift out for easy emptying and refilling also the brush and squeege blades can be easily removed without the need for tools  for cleaning or replacing.
With the clear 3 litre solution tank it is easy to check the level for refilling.
The squeegee can be raised while cleaning should you wish to give the floor a good wet scrub on heavily soiled floors before lowering the suction head to finally pick up the dirty liquid.
For regular maintenance cleaning it will scrub and dry as you walk along leaving the floor dry as you go.
This item will take 3-5 working days for delivery 

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