Nilfisk Attix 50

by Nilfisk

ATTIX 50 will solve all major tasks in your company, workshop, garage, production etc. The Push&Clean or next generation XtremeClean fully automatic filter cleaning system offers an impressive cleaning performance and keeps the suction performance constantly high. The excellent design offers you cable storage, accessory storage and a big tool deposit to keep all you need at hand. The larger size of the ATTIX 50 allows you to work longer without emptying the container, and with the wide range of available models you will find a perfect match for your wet or dry vacuum cleaning tasks. .


Operating costs are minimised with the washable PET Fleece filter elements, and the low working noise level lets you work when others are nearby, without disturbing them. The -01 models are equipped with floor tool and crevice nozzle while the -21 models with Automatic On/Off are the choice of people who use the machine with electric hand tools because starting or stopping the tool starts and stops the vacuum, as well. These -21 machines come with an antistatic hose and power tool adaptor. An optional Airbox is available which performs with the same function when using pneumatic tools. An optional vacuuming kit is available to purchase with the -21 models so they can be used as vacuum cleaners as well as with power tools.

Wet or Dry - when high performance combined with big container volume is a must the ATTIX 50 is the solution for the demanding customer with a high frequency of cleaning.

    • Compact, ergonomic, and powerful.
    • Push&Clean filter cleaning system takes care of filter cleaning tasks in just a few seconds.
    • XtremeClean fully Automatic filtercleaning (on 50-XC Model) will keep the performance high without any interruptions while you work.
    • Washable PET fleece filter for high efficiency and low maintenance costs.
    • SilentPower. High performance that is seen, but not heard.
    • Large container volume and a Fleece filter bag for the ultimate in effective filtration.
    • Softstart will safegard you for blown fuses.
    • Cleanroom version available for Class 5-9, ISO 14644_1.

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