Nilfisk Multi 20

by Nilfisk
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Nilfisk Multi 20 is a great Wet & Dry vacuum cleaner ideal for applications at home and work. The machine is suitable for vacuuming both liquids and dry debris and is an ideal machine for chasing dusts from your powertool with the plug and chase function. The plug and chase feature is the ideal partner for powertools when you are drilling and cutting and you need to reduce the amount of dust from the application. When you start drilling the vacuum automatically switches on and extracts any dust or mess. The vacuum then cuts out automatically a few seconds after the power tool has finished working saving you time and effort starting and stopping the vacuum manually. What you get with the Multi 20 T is a large capacity 20L container and 1400W high power motor for strong suction performance. The wet & dry robust plastic filter, can be easily removed and washed so no need to change filter when collecting dry dust and liquids. Push & Clean filter cleaning system cleans the filter and stops major loss of suction from fine dusts, when you press the filter cleaning button when cleaning the system blasts air from outside the machine directly onto the filter with powerful pulses of air quickly removing fine dust and improving suction power in dry dust removal conditions.Multi comes with blow function system for removing dust from hard to reach areas and can be used for inflating applications with Multi accessories. Quick park accessories for simple storage of hose and tube. The Multi 20 is not just a home dry vacuum cleaner it is your Multi cleaning vacuum

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