Paper dust bags X5 - Suitable for Bosch & Siemens. Equivalent to type D,E,F paper bags - Alpha

by Radvac
Dustbags suitable for Bosch / Siemens vacuum cleaners - Equivalent to type D,E,F Genuine bags (BSH461408)
Model No. BOSCH Activa, Solida 1 Series, BBS1011, BBS1131, Alpha, 2200, 2210, 222O, Alpha 2 Series, BBS2012, BBS2015, BBS2011, BBS2471, Silence 1300, ExcellenceE, 1300, BBZ22AF, Optima 5 Series, BBS5522, BBS5523, BBS5061, BBS5501, BBS5812, BBS5500, BBS5213, BBS5813
SIEMENS VS44A06, VS42A04, VS33A03, VS32A02, VS60A, VS3A, VS4A, VS50, VS52, VS58, VS5000, VS5200, VS5201, VS5211, VS5213, VS5800, VS5813, VS5814, VS5833, Super, VS500, VS510, VS511, VS521, VS581 Electronic, VS583F Electronic, VS720, VS723, VS7100, VS7102, VS7111, VS7112, VS7131, X9250 Olympic Edition
HOTPOINT 3370, 3387

KRUPS 915, 918, 919, 923, 927, 928, 929, 930, 935

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